A motorcycle theft can happen at any time, anywhere. It isn’t limited by type; although crash-prone bikes are often stolen and stripped for parts, even entry-level bikes can be taken. Rallies, rides, races and shows are frequently targeted, often by professional thieves and joyriders alike. Though it’s harder to fend off a veteran thief, riders can use the tips below to make their bikes less tempting to opportunistic thieves.

Don’t Tempt Them

The less visible the bike, the less chance there is that it will be stolen. If there’s no garage space available, keep the bike covered. Not knowing what is underneath the cover makes it more difficult for a thief to do their job, or to determine whether it’s a worthwhile proposition.

Keep it Locked

Although some locks are easily defeated, a good throttle lock can be a good line of defense. Add more motorcycle security by keeping throttle, steering and ignition locks separate, which will require the thief to get through multiple layers to get to the bike. Whichever type of lock is used, don’t put it on the ground where the thief may have sufficient leverage to break it.

Chain it Down

The locks mentioned above may stop a joyrider, but a pro thief can just lift the bike into a truck and go. If the lock is tied to a cable that’s anchored to a solid object, there’s less of a chance of theft. Even garaged bikes should be locked securely.

Be Sneaky

If a motorcycle owner is determined to stop thieves, they should consider installing a kill switch. Some riders have even stopped thieves by removing the primary fuse when parking the bike.

Light it Up

If the bike is parked outside, choose an open, well-lit area. If there’s no way to lock the bike to something stationary, try chaining it to a friend’s bike. Even applying an “Alarm System Installed” sticker or two may deter thieves.

Motorcycles can be fun and exciting to ride, but there’s nothing fun about having a motorcycle stolen. By following the bike security tips listed here, riders can keep their pride and joy safe from professional and opportunistic thieves alike.